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Eye Allergies in 20910

20910 Eye Care

20910 Eye Care

Eye allergies can be traced back to an immune system response, which is true for any bodily allergic reaction. Here at Sanaga Optical, we want to help you with the unpleasantness associated with eye allergies. For although they pose no significant danger to your health or your long term vision, our 20910 eye care is dedicated to relieving the discomfort and frustration of them.

The reason that eye allergies develop is that your body is addressing a threat, or at least a perceived threat. About one in five people suffer from their effects, and it is not uncommon for nasal symptoms to accompany the burning and watery eyes, redness, itching, and swollen eyelids that are typically present when you have eye allergies. Our optometrist suggests that you come in for an examination so that the degree of your allergies can be gauged and the proper solution implemented. For mild cases, over-the-counter products for allergy relief may be sufficient to manage the problem. But if your eye allergies are moderate to severe, it is very possible that you may need prescription strength treatment. Our 20910 eye care also recommends some sensible lifestyle adjustments. Keep windows closed when the pollen count is high. If you’re too warm that way, use an air-conditioner instead. Avoid rubbing your eyes. It may feel better initially, but you will only end up worsening the situation. Bedding materials often harbor allergens. Wash them is water of at least 130 degrees. And mattresses also accumulate allergens. If yours is old, consider replacing it. And look into obtaining allergen resistant bedding.

Our 20910 eye care can help you with eye allergies, which can make you quite uncomfortable and may seem as if they will never subside. Turn to us for the expertise needed to alleviate symptoms and feel better. Call us today.

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