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Shipley Hill Pediatric Eye Doctor

Infantsee eye care in Shipley Hill

Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor

Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor

Everyone needs good eye care, but it is especially essential for children. Even simple issues can be challenging and set the stage for how he or she will see later on. And because of our Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor┬ádedication to children’s eye health, we at Sanaga Optical are pleased to be part of the Infantsee eye care program.

It would be much easier if eye-related problems in children were obvious and could be detected by simple observation. If your child is experiencing eye pain or discharge, for example, you would not hesitate to seek the help of our Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor. But just as with adults, there are many kids eye concerns that develop and progress without the benefit of symptoms to alert you to their presence. And it is exactly that fact that led to the implementation of the Infantsee eye care program to begin with. It is a public health initiative that is based on wanting young children to receive the attention they need to make certain that their eyes are experiencing good health and to take necessary action if not. One of the key questions that many parents have is when should you bring your child in for her or his first eye exam? It is recommended by our Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor that you come in with your child by age six. And thanks to the Infantsee eye care program, this first exam and evaluation is 100% FREE. We don’t think that any child should have the wellness of their eyes put in jeopardy by waiting longer than they should. We are proud to be part of this initiative.

Just contact our office and let us set up a convenient appointment for you to bring your child in to be examined by our Shipley Hill pediatric eye doctor.

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