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Eye Specialist in Shipley Hill

Dry eyes in Shipley Hill

Eye specialist in Shipley Hill

Eye specialist in Shipley Hill

If your eyes have been feeling uncomfortable and irritated, and you have been experiencing intermittently blurred vision, you may be suffering with dry eye. At Sanaga Optical, our eye specialist in Shipley Hill, Dr. Michel Leno, can determine whether or not you are suffering with dry eye, and if so, provide treatment for it.

When a person has dry eye, their eyes are either not producing a large enough amount of tears to keep their eyes healthy and well nourished, or the tears that they are producing are not of a good quality. Dry eye is an extremely common problem for people over 60, as well as for other people. If you are using medications, have certain health conditions, or live in a dry environment, this can all contribute to your dry eye problems. Our eye specialist in Shipley Hill can diagnose dry eye during a comprehensive eye exam. Dry eye syndrome, in itself, is not a serious eye condition, as it can be easily treated. However, if a person has dry eye and does not address the problem, the cornea can become permanently damaged due to constant irritation. For this reason alone, you want to make sure that you have your dry eye problem treated. Additionally, if dry eye is not the cause of your eye problem, it is important that you visit our optometrist so that the cause of your eye problem can be properly diagnosed. In the mildest cases of dry eye, it may be sufficient to use over-the-counter tear solutions. However, in mild-to-moderate cases of dry eye, you will usually benefit from using prescription eye drops which are prescribed by our eye doctor. In more serious cases of dry eye, an operation can be performed which will permanently close your tear ducts, to keep tears in your eyes longer. There are also removable plugs that can be inserted into your tear ducts, to perform a similar function.

For an appointment to see our eye specialist in Shipley Hill regarding diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, or for a comprehensive eye exam, contact us today.

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